About Me

IMG_0944Hi, I’m Hannah.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life.  I want everything I say and do and write to reflect His glory and cause people to draw near to him. By His grace I’m living my dream as a wife, mom, and homemaker.

I come from an awesome family that started out as just me, my mom and dad, my three best friends in the whole world (aka my sisters) and a little white dog. But there’s a lot more of us now and it just keeps growing!

I’m married to my best friend John, who I knew for 20 years before we ever had an actual conversation. Once we did, we wondered why it took us so long and made up for it by getting married within 8 months of our first date. Our baby boy was born a week before our first wedding anniversary. We like to do this whole life thing fast.

I graduated in 2017 from a Christian university with a degree in communication.  The top item on my bucket list is to learn to pilot – and eventually own – a sailboat. I love kayaking, cooking, wandering forests and bookstores. I play the flute and an assortment of ethnic woodwinds, my favorite being the Irish tinwhistle.

I support the Oxford comma.

If you’re into studying Meyers-Briggs personality types, it might be helpful to know I’m an INFJ.

My haunting fears include group projects, deserts, soggy bread, and loud parties where I’m expected to dance. My pet peeves are piles of dirty dishes and television in general.

I’ve been writing the same novel for 10 years. It’s about pirates. If you stick around another decade, you may just get to read it!