My Book!

Goldwater Ridge

A Middle Grade Adventure Novel

The West is a Lawless Place…

ARIZONA TERRITORY, 1889: Young adventurer Billy Bob Clyde sets off West after receiving a cryptic message from his long-lost father. Clyde thinks Pa found the California gold he went searching for years ago, but he also suspects Pa might be in trouble. Clyde is determined to find and help Pa, whatever it takes. But his mission is waylaid in the ghost town of Cactus Poke when Clyde gets arrested as a suspect in a recent robbery—the town’s claim to fame, a solid gold nugget known as the Goldwater Potato, has gone missing, and they think Clyde took it! Desperate to prove his innocence and get on to California, Clyde strikes a bargain for his freedom with the town’s crazy one-legged sheriff—if Clyde can recover the stolen Tater and track down the real thief, a notorious criminal called Outlaw Jack, the sheriff will let Clyde go. Assisted by Jessie, a fearless young gunslinger with more than one trick up her sleeve, Clyde embarks on a mission to hunt down the missing gold nugget and clear his name. But all is not as it seems in Cactus Poke. Clyde’s mission quickly becomes more complicated, and the stakes climb higher and higher. Soon he finds he’s the only thing defending the town, his friends, and a treasure worth millions from total destruction.

Coming Summer 2020!

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