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Hannah Kaye is an author, blogger, lifelong daydreamer, and lover of words. She grew up playing crazy make-believe games with her three sisters. Those long-ago imaginary adventures still inspire her books today. Hannah wrote her first story when she was eight years old and has been practicing ever since. She loves fiction of all types (but has never found a series better than the Chronicles of Narnia) and is constantly on the hunt for her next literary adventure.

When not reading or writing, Hannah loves to bake bread, kayak, SCUBA dive, play Dungeons and Dragons, and drink lots and lots of coffee, in no particular order of importance.

Hannah’s goal as a middle grade author is to provide clean, high-quality storytelling for 4th-6th grade readers. Her hope is that her stories blend strong character-building messages with page-turning adventures that will fuel readers’ imaginations and grow their love for good books.

Hannah lives in northeast Oklahoma with her husband John, her son Samuel, and several aquariums full of fish.

I’m always happy to help new writers navigate the self-publishing world! Contact me directly if you’re interested in:

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