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Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find my assorted thoughts on various topics, updated erratically and refreshingly unthemed.

Would you like an adventure now,” said Peter casually. “Or would you like to have your tea first?”

J.M. Barie, Peter Pan

On the one hand, adventure.  On the other, tea.  Adventure, tea.  Adventure, tea.  The choice isn’t exactly an easy one.  Some days, I want to go be rugged and conquer impossible odds and defy danger, and some days I want to sit and sip a steaming cup of Earl Grey and be content in the quietness.

The truth is, most of “normal” life is lived somewhere in between adventure and tea.  

But I think if you look closer, you’ll discover a surprising fact: There is a little bit of tea in every adventure, and adventure in every cup of tea. And “normal life” is jam-packed with them both. You just have to be willing to look.

I write this blog to celebrate adventure AND tea. Enjoy!

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